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Xtreme Tape Silicone Stretch Wrap 1″ X 10′ Black

Pinned on June 26, 2012 at 7:53 am by admin

Xtreme Tape Silicone Stretch Wrap 1″ X 10′ Black

Originally developed for the military, X-TREME TAPE® is a high quality wrap made from a special silicone compound which adheres to itself when wrapped under tension. X-Treme Tape won’t melt up to 500°F(260°C), has a tensile strength of 600 psi and can insulate up to 8000 Volts!
Automotive Plumbing
Sports Outdoor
Electrical Garden
Tools Marine

No Adhesive, Bonds Only to Itself
Won’t Melt Up to +500°F (+260°C)
Remains Flexible to -60°F (-54°C)
Forms a Permanent Air & Water Tight Seal
Tensile Strength of 600 psi
Insulates to 8000Volts (for a 20 mil wrap)
Stretches to 3x’s its Length
Conforms to Irregular Shapes

Sold in single pack.
1″ Wide x 20 mil Thick x 10′ Long
Available in Black

Product Features


M. Ayres says:

Designed for the Air Force I work in the Air Force and we use this stuff all the time. We call it “F-4 tape”, referring to the aircraft that the tape was originally used on. The tape is great – it makes an airtight bond within seconds after applying it. The product description is accurate, but it can also be used as a replacement grip for tools or sports equipment (like my racquetball racquet). The only problem is that it doesn’t use an adhesive, so sealing things can be a little more tricky than expected. Overall a great product, with many uses around the house and garage.

Wayne Lipe says:

Put a roll in your tool box I’ve used several brands of this type of tape. The Xtreme tape is relatively thin and compliant. There are times when I prefer a thicker tape, but several layers of the thin tape will suffice for most purposes. It seems to be about the same 20 mil thickness as the Nashua and F4 tapes.It is necessary to stretch the tape to nearly the 3X capability to hold pressure on repairs such as garden hoses. I have one soaker hose with at least four repairs with XTreme tape before I found the right valve setting to provide water to the end of the hose without springing leaks. Some of the repairs are a year old and still holding. I also have several repairs on the low quality hose provided with Home Depot hose reels – all of which have held fine. If there is texture and a pressure seal is required I apply a layer of Shoe Goo and let it partially dry before applying the tape. The tape holds the pressure and the Shoe Goo fills the voids.The tape has a great variety of uses. An advantage of this type of tape is that it leaves no sticky residue when removed since it only sticks to itself.My rating is only for the quality and usefulness – NOT FOR THE PRICE. Harbor Freight has the same sized roll of Xtreme tape for five bucks and Home Depot carries it for eight. Ten bucks plus five shipping is absurd. But the tape itself is good.

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