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Sticky Ass Tape SAT 1.81-Inch by 35 yards Tape

Pinned on June 26, 2012 at 8:30 pm by admin

Sticky Ass Tape SAT 1.81-Inch by 35 yards Tape

Product Features


Stephen M. Charme says:

Terrific tape I like this tape for several reasons:1. I have not found a tape that is more heavy duty.2. I have not found a tape that is stickier or adheres to more different surfaces.3. The black color blends in much better for various uses than the grey color on other heavy duty “duck” tapes.4. This is easy to cut and easy to work with.5. This is good for both indoor and outdoor use, and will withstand the elements.This tape paid for itself recently when I went running, took a spill, and tore the palms on both of my black running gloves. The palms are made out of a mesh material that I knew would make putting on a cloth patch a little tricky and require a trip to my local tailor. Instead I just cut a piece of this tape for each palm, put it over the torn spots, and I was good to go. The tape not only stuck without any problem, but did not curl even when I opened and closed my hands. Pretty amazing.I also use this tape to repair plastic blocks filled with water that keep my pool cover secure during the winter. Over time the covers on those blocks crack, which means water leaks out. This tape easily covers the cracks and seals in the water. This is so much cheaper than replacing the blocks.There are lots of other indoor and outdoor uses that I find for this tape. One word of caution: Do not use this on a painted wall, window sill, or window frame because if you want to remove it, you will also remove part of the paint. I already learned that the hard way.Bottom line: There is no more versatile or effective tape that I have found. I recommend this.

J. DeBeau says:

Best All Purpose Water Proof Tape Ever! Seriously, this is the best “duck” type tape I’ve ever used! I’ve purchased the cheap tape from the hardware store only to be disappointed every time. Bottom line: this tape tears off the roll easily with a nice crisp edge, and it simply holds to any surface better than any other. You gotta give it a try…

J. Hadley says:

If you thought regular duct tape was cool, this is like Duct Tape on Steroids! Like my dad, I believe that duct tape can fix anything. But seriously, Sticky Ass Tape blows my mind. I actually used it to fix my broken side view mirror two months ago, and it’s held through rain, frost, and freezing temps. My mirror hasn’t moved an inch!These Sticky Ass Glue guys weren’t kidding when they named this glue. Love it!!

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