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Silicone Tape Suppliers

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Silicone Tape Suppliers
There are many different silicone tape suppliers for self bonding and self-fusing silicone tape that are available in a wide variety of qualities, thicknesses and colors.  While silicone tapes may look and seem the same, you'll find that silicone tape technical characteristics and quality vary greatly among different silicone tape suppliers and manufacturers.  Differences worth noting are tensile strength, bond strength or fusibility, elongation and elastic memory.  As silicone tapes are all made from a similar base material called silicone elastomer, and therefore heat resistance and electrical resistance are very similar among different brands.  As a result, heat resistance and electrical resistance are not the ideal characteristics to compare quality among silicone tape.  The highest quality silicone tapes have the highest tensile strength, better durability and longevity, and have significantly better self-bonding and self-fusing characteristics.  The highest quality silicone tapes fuse extremely quickly and thoroughly, while lessor quality silicone tapes take up to 24 hours to cure or even longer.  Here is a list of silicone tape suppliers:


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