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Rescue Tape RP2565 Green Silicon 1″ x 12′ Self-Fusing Tape (1 each)

Pinned on July 9, 2012 at 11:23 pm by admin

Rescue Tape RP2565 Green Silicon 1″ x 12′ Self-Fusing Tape (1 each)

Rescue Tape brand self-fusing silicone tape

Product Features


G. Robinson "Extensive reader" says:

Great tape, but There is good news and bad news:the good news is that the tape only sticks to its self so it comes off by simply cutting with no messy residue;the bad news is that it only sticks to its self, so you basically use it for situations where you can wrap the tape around the object and back over its self.It handles fairly high temperatures and doesn’t get brittle easily so it has a lot of uses.You don’t need it often but when you do it isn’t really possible to fake.I wish it wasn’t so expensive though.

Anonymous says:

This is great stuff. It doesn’t stick to anything other than itself, and it’s resistant to temperatures. I’ve used it to do a fix on my vacuum cleaner hose, on radiator hoses, to keep wires bundled outside. I keep it for emergencies because I know it works.

Anonymous says:

Hundreds of applications. It doesn’t leave “sticky marks” like duct tape, it stretches….just a fantastic product. I just hope the price comes down as people discover this product and the volume goes up.

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