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Nashua 386 Stretch and Seal Tape: 1 in. x 10 ft. (Black)

Pinned on July 13, 2012 at 5:44 pm by admin

Nashua 386 Stretch and Seal Tape: 1 in. x 10 ft. (Black)

Nashua 386 Stretch & Seal Tape, is a self-fusing (an adhesive-free tape that fuses only to itself) silicone sealing tape suitable for dozens of applications where a good water-tight seal is needed. Applications for Nashua Stretch & Seal include: sealing pipes, electrical wires, and hoses; covering sharp edges; protecting against rust and corrosion; wrapping tool handles; marking chain and rope. Nashua 386 creates an instant, permanent water-tight seal and can withstand temperatures from -60DF to +500DF. Chemical and UV resistant. Can be kept in vehicles for emergency hose repairs. Easy to apply and to remove; no sticky residue left on surfaces. When applying the tape make sure it overlaps itself (since it only adheres to its own backing) and stretch/pull the tape tightly around the object.

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Josiah Carlson says:

Couldn’t get it to seal I had some threaded iron couplings that refused to stay water tight with the standard white teflon tape (which worked great in 10 other joints). I had picked the stretch and seal tape “just in case”.I used a good 3-4′ of the stuff in 3-4″ chunks from smooth pipe over the coupling, back to smooth pipe, overlapping 1/2 to 2/3 of the tape the entire way (stretching it to the point just before it started to discolor white). I kept it tight, and I kept it dry. When I let the water pressure back in… I noticed that it was sweating out the seams. Turning off the pressure, I wrapped over the first layer’s problem areas, using another 2-3 feet. Nope. I repeated this until the roll was almost gone, but it never seemed to seal itself.Also, it definitely doesn’t work when it’s wet, so wouldn’t be great in those true emergency situations.

Ace Barker says:

Worked on pinhole leak in copper pipe I have a copper pipe with a pinhole sized leak and didn’t want to spend hundreds of dollars fixing it when I knew there had to be a much cheaper and easier solution. This silicone tape was the answer. I wrapped it around the pipe where the small hole is and pipe no longer leaks. If I have more severe leaks in the future I’d consider contacting a plumber, but for this one pinhole leak I kept it simple and cheap.

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