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CS Hyde Kapton Silicone Adhesive Tape, Amber 1/2 inch x 36 yards

Pinned on June 29, 2012 at 11:59 am by admin

CS Hyde Kapton Silicone Adhesive Tape, Amber 1/2 inch x 36 yards

Kapton® tape with pressure sensitive silicone adhesive. The Kapton® film provides excellent electrical insulation, abrasion resistance and high dielectric strength. It is also a UL recognize product. This tape is used primarily for high temperature masking in powder coating and in electrical applications such as capacitor wrapping, gold finger masking, transformer insulation, coils, flat cables, connectors and high temperature harness wrapping.

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Carlgo says:

Exotic tape for electronics work I recently repaired my Apple Time Machine, one of the few times I have done electronics work, the kind on circuit boards and all that. Kapton tape is a special nifty techy-looking amber-colored tape for use inside electronic devices for binding things together, holding down wires and such. It is for high heat, non-conductive uses and It is what they used when the device was built.If anyone ever opens up my TC, they won’t see a mess and will know that I took care and spent a few extra bucks to make a project look nice and hopefully last a long time.Frankly I figured they carried it at the local electronics store, but surprisingly not, and the Radio Shack guy never heard of it…! Odd.I thought Prime was cool for such an unusual product, so glad Amazon carries it, really made it a lot more economical to order for just a project or two. That earned it the full five stars.

E. Blake says:

Slippery and heat resistant! This was indeed a good roll of kaptan in a nice width. It has worked well in all my high-temp applications.The silicone adhesive is surprisingly sticky.

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